School Bus Safety


The safety of the Stroudsburg Area School District students is our utmost concern. Please review these bus safety tips with your child as needed to ensure a safe, pleasant ride to and from school.

·         Have your child at the stop at least 5 minutes before the scheduled pick-up time.

·         Students should stand at least 10 feet back from the curb.

·         Students should not approach the bus until it comes to a complete stop.

·         Be Aware – Cross With Care! Wait until the school bus has stopped all traffic before             stepping out onto the road.

·         Remember to look BOTH ways before crossing the road to board the bus.

·         Students should use the handrail when boarding and departing the bus.

·         Students should take their assigned seats quickly and remain seated during the ride.

·         Students should not put any portion of their body out the bus windows.

·         Students should not eat or drink while on the bus.

·         If students talk, they should speak quietly so as not to distract the school bus driver.

·         Students should never walk in the Danger Zone – the 10 feet surrounding the bus. If they have to cross in front of the bus, they should be able to see the driver’s face.

·         Once off the bus, students should never run back to the bus, even if they have forgotten something.

Working together, we can make your child’s commute a safe and enjoyable experience. 


Next, know the School Bus Stopping Law. Click on the link above and review it for yourself and all family members. Every day we are faced with community phone calls and drivers radioing in with the same message "I'VE JUST HAD A CAR PASS MY REDS!" Treat the bus as a traffic light; when you see yellow, slow down, and when the lights turn red you will easily be able to stop.