Introducing "Point of Sale"

Attention Parents & Guardians:
The following is a brief summary of our cafeteria pre-payment system. The system makes the payment process more convenient for everyone concerned. 

Students will use his/her student I.D. number as their PIN (Personal Identification Number). As soon as they receive their number they should start to memorize it. Paid, Free, and Reduced paying students all must enter the pin number to complete a transaction. When your child enters their PIN into the system, their information, including their picture appears on the screen for the cashier to view. The most efficient method of using the system is for parents to deposit money into their child's account. The money is automatically deducted when the student makes a purchase. You may prepay weekly, monthly or even yearly. The system allows for any amount of money to be deposited, but we strongly recommend a minimum of weekly payments. Credit remains in the account for days when meals or snacks are not purchased.

By utilizing this system, you no longer need to worry about giving your child money everyday. If your child has a balance in their account at the end of the school year, it will be credited towards the next school year. For those of you who can not prepay, you can still send lunch money on a daily basis.

Listed below are options available to pay for your child's meals.

  1. Any amount of money may simply be put "on account". This would allow your child to use the money for lunch, breakfast, snacks or any combination.
  2. is a convenient way to pay for your child's meals on line via a credit card.  You may also view their meal/purchase activity.  The account is free to set up and view activity however there is a small fee when paying on line via credit card.
  3. If you have a restriction you would like placed on your child's account, please send a note into your child's school cafeteria or email  Please specify your child's full name and i.d. # and what the restriction is.  Please provide your phone number in case of questions.

If you are not paying  on line, we then strongly recommend paying with a check. Please enter the student name and PIN in the memo section. When your child's account reaches a low balance, he or she will be reminded that the account needs to be replenished. Make checks out to SASD-cafeteria.  If your child is paying with cash, it should be handed directly to the cashier.  All change will be put on your child's account. 

The school buildings grades 4-12 have  locked  Pre-Payment Drop-off boxes.  Payments may also be given directly to the cashier at lunch or breakfast time except for the High School.  At the High School, all payments must be made by 8:30 am.