Bus Schedule Notification

Busing information, including bus numbers, bus stop location, pickup times and return times, will be mailed to each student's home in mid August.

Parents who wish their child to be transported to one of the District approved day cares centers or would like to use an alternate stop, within your child's attendance zone, should contact your school office as soon as possible.

Please note that bus stops can be at least 1.5 miles from your residence for elementary and 2 miles for secondary.

Buses will run on the initially established routes for at least the first couple weeks of school. Changes in routes are always possible to accommodate new students and/or to correct any route problems.

Students will be notified in advance with a hand-out by the bus driver of any changes in their bus routes or pickup and drop off times.

NOTE: The information received with your child's busing information is ONLY A GUIDELINE to follow for the first few weeks of school.