About Stroudsburg Area School District

District Profile
The Stroudsburg Area School District is located in the Pocono Mountains area of northeastern Pennsylvania. The Borough of Stroudsburg, which is also home of the county seat for Monroe County, is a small town surrounded by many rural communities. Students living in the Borough of Stroudsburg, the Borough of Delaware Water Gap, the Township of Hamilton or the Township of Stroud attend school in the Stroudsburg Area School District. The total district population is currently at approximately 5200 students. Approximately 750 administrative, professional and support staff provide the educational and support services to ensure a positive and comfortable environment for learning.

Mission Statement
To empower all students in an active pursuit of knowledge.

Making memories and enhancing dreams!

Belief Statements

  1. Everyone has equal value and worth
  2. The understanding and appreciation of diversity enriches the community
  3. Everyone will be provided with the opportunity to reach his/her potential and to recognize their own self worth and the worth of others
  4. Everyone learns at different rates, in different ways, and is encouraged to become a lifelong learner
  5. Education is a collaborative responsibility requiring a partnership with family and the community
  6. Education requires a safe, nurturing environment that appreciates the unique qualities of all
  7. Education requires up-to-date facilities, emerging technologies, and challenging programs
  8. Education provides the foundation, ensuring our students are prepared to participate in a global society
  9. Education develops the ability to make informed decisions
  10. Excellence is achievable and worth the investment